by Sybris

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released September 5, 2005

Engineered at Phantom Manor by Mike Lust
Mixed by John Congleton
Mastered by Dan Stout



all rights reserved


Sybris Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The Best Day In History In Ever
these long days, it's allright to sleep right through them. oh girl you got to feel that heat. summer is always right on time. let's say nothing for the next few weeks. this could take a while, let's hold our breath, it will be genious, time well spent.
i always know, i'll always know. you know it's always too hard, to find someone, who'll keep their mouth shut. can't you tell with no body else. i think that you're on to something. will you please get back to me.
you're right this time, you got to keep yourself occupied.
no one.
Track Name: Your Only Confident in You're Insecurities
obviously conducting ourselves, we retreat. hot coffee. cold brandy afternoons. to the wind, to the wind we are open coated lovers, wiping mouths with sleeve's ends. you know it wasn't always. you know it wasn't always to the wind.
Track Name: Breathe Like You're Dancing
grow up, girl grow up, girl, you are not who i thought that you were. grow up, girl, change, change. oh my god! you are alive! and you're breathing and you know you are. you know we are young hearts, honey, and we are beating and that we are young bloods and we are bleeding. and the world is under your skin and that world you're living in, but you're breathing, and you know you are. we are.
Track Name: Blame It On The Baseball
you are me father you quit smokin' on the day i was born. you said, "honey, i want to see you get married, and have children of your own." it's always between what you love and the ones that you love. blame it on baseball, blame it on the music and that is all, you've got to have a great passion, and that's about all. and sometime, someday, maybe we'll get hitched and have babies to my wedding song, but i don't know how to. to quit smoking, how to fall in love. never fallen in love, never fall in love.
Track Name: Hobo Detail Shop
you were born with a valentine mouth, a real sound. when no one was looking, you snuck in and you listened. they're all in the kitchen, she's not in the kitchen, they're all in the kitchen. you know that your's is a nametag and mine is a curse. mine is a curse. they're all in the kitchen, she's not in the kitchen. never had anyone talk in talk of my own never. had anyone without it. you know, you were born with it.
Track Name: Neon
neon, your boyfriend's name, is exotic. a lion or a sloth in bed let's get born again he said. neon your boyfriend's name is your boyfriend, your boyfriend, he call's himself a musician and i, I call him my only son. neon your boyfriend's name is point to the stranger, point to the stranger, so glad to be drawn at this hour. never had to be anybody else, loved you from the start, baby can't you tell. you look just like your mother you act like, you act like your father. neon a champion, a champion.
Track Name: The Clowns Were Hilarious
you're always. always at home. i'm never at home, call me in the morning, it's the best time in a good man's life. in the morning. you've got to change, you've got your whole life, but who had the time, who has the time? and all your former pleasures; they're in the streaming light. all your life, who has the time.
Track Name: Good Internal Clock
we share dirt, pigeon brick walls and we grit with the teeth of the beaches, we reach with the arms like skyscrapers, careful, tiny hands, still in use. with the arms of skyscrapers, careful, sweet bird of . when you speak my name when you speak my name, only two reasons you ever loved me, say it again. say it again; one because you knew it wouldn't be easy, two because you tried. you tried. you tried. and you won't say you were, you were falling all over yourself, but when you talk about it you say, "i was doing it for myself."